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Blue Stripes

September 2012

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Blue Stripes

I find it surprising this needs to be said...

...given the name of my blog, but I don't view "immigrant" as a slur.

If you use it against me as one, I will very likely point and laugh.

In fact, I may well invite others to point and laugh, because you will be a Very Silly Person Indeed, and will have done something truly worthy of epic mocking.

For the dreadfully-slow-to-notice-the-point:

I am proud of being an immigrant. In both senses that I mean that self-label, I am proud.

I'm proud of being Canadian, I'm proud of having learnt French, because mon Canada inclut le Québec, et les autres francophones canadien(ne)s.

I'm proud of being English, too.

I'm proud of being a woman, and of the sometimes-difficult journey I've had to be accepted as one.

"Bloody immigrant?" Too right I am.

Wanna make something of it?

(cause I need a good laugh)


I'm proud of being a woman, and of the sometimes-difficult journey I've had to be accepted as one.

I love all of what you wrote. This sentence particularly resonated with me.
This post makes me happy in ways far too numerous to list. *leaves a hug for you to pick up at your discretion*
Well, coming as I do from a family of immigrants I'm equally PROUD to have Jewish and Roma, Italian and Celtic blood and the other stuff as well of which you wot, je suis avec vous!
Eh, your mother smells of elderberries.
I used to have that taunting userpic on here, but unfortunately, I can't find it!
So, I'm technically second generation London Irish, but I'm not. Because one side of consists of labouring/trading/manual working Dubliners and folks from a townland in Galway, we tend to go, come back and repeatedly do that. And then the others have a long tradition of joining religious orders to get education or be able to travel. It's kind of difficult to live by the river, or sea, on an island, and not go away for a while

(also, the bit of the oddyssey that always makes me cry the most is that he'll go so far from the sea that they won't recognise an oar from it, but think it a fan, in the prophecy, then come back and get his death from it at last_