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Blue Stripes

September 2012

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Blue Stripes

The Rules

1. Don't Be An Asshat.

2. No anonymous commenting. Since an anti-choicer chose to abuse my hospitality in allowing anonymous commenting (the usual level of courage shown by these fanatical misogynists, much the same as they're desperate to force birth on women, but have no interest in helping the women cope with the lives they've forced them to bear), anonymous commenting is now not allowed.

If you have a comment you would like added here, you may do so if you're a registered user with LiveJournal. If you're not, you can always e-mail me - but again, trolls should be warned that not only will your e-mail quickly go into a special folder, if you continue past the time when I tell you to stop, I'll start with making formal complaints to your ISP, and move as quickly as I need to informing the police. I don't fuck around with bigots and trolls.

More added as needed.


I completely agree!



I wanted to put a sign in the retail department I worked in that said "No Assholes". If anyone was an asshole, I could say "Didja read the sign? I think it's pretty clear" and kick them out with no further explanation.


Re: Ha!

LOL, that's awesome. Nice to see you come by! :)
I found this account through a link from another feminist blog and love the posts that I've read so far. I'll be reading along.
Wonderful, glad to have you along. :)

May I ask where you found a link? I'm always curious. :)
I found a link from Shakesville (from this post, specifically).
Ahhh - yeah, that's me, CaitieCat. :)
Hey there! This is RMJ (from Deeply Problematic). Thanks for all your comments recently! Mind if I add you?
Not in the slightest. :)
Privet, Caitiecat, I'm LydiaEncyclopedia from Shakesville. I'm looking forward to reading your stuff. :)
Привет! Lovely to have you along for the ride. :)
Waves - same SN over at Shakes
Seen, and added. :)

hi there

Didn't realize you had an LJ, but I'm excited to read more of your writings!
Here from Shakesville, thought maybe we could be friends?
Absolutely, my pleasure. :)
Hi Caitie. Just wanted to say thank you for your handy use of the banhammer on the trolls who were infesting Shakesville tonight. You're awesome. :)
Thanks very much, I appreciate it. I shouldn't be up this late, but as it turns out, I'm glad I was. They were all over the place! :/


Michelle M Ruiz

Hello can I reference some of the material here in this entry if I reference you with a link back to your site?

Re: Michelle M Ruiz

Yes, you certainly can, by all means. If you want to drop a link here anonymously (meaning it'll be screened), I'd love to see what you're writing about. :)