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Blue Stripes

September 2012

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Blue Stripes

Car Caitie-Four, Where Are You?

I'd like to say that I'm lying low because I've decided to live off the grid in anticipation of a victory by the horrid Conservatives in the upcoming election, but the numbers aren't looking that way, and anyway, off the grid is hard when you're medically dependent on a fairly specific medication regimen.

So really where I've been is the same place I usually am, home with a touch of office1, only for the last couple of weeks, I've been hors-d'Intertoobz, as it were, having failed to convince my ISP/cable provider/phone company/cell contractor2: when living hand-to-mouth, sometimes things get behind a little, or a lot, and in this case, it got behind enough that they're all turned off, meaning I'm living on a sort of virtual Gilligan's Island just now:

No phone, no cell, no Internet,
Not a first-world luxury,
Like Robin E. Crusoe
Oh woe is first-world me.

So yeah. I have a friend to whose home I can go and borrow cups of Intertoobz as needed, but if I'm slower to respond to e-mails, it's because I'm only checking them a few times a day, instead of my usual manic check-every-couple-of-minutes pace.

And since depression sucks ass like it were a tasty tasty donut, it's been a bit hard to push past the physical disability to go to my friend's place to borrow that cup of Toobz (I can't drive when I have all my meds going, and the bus is its own...special place...for my spinal challenges).


That's the State of the Cait. I'm online sporadically, but be patient with my ability to contact you, as there's a bit of a perfect storm going on here3. Apparently-Normal service will eventually resume.

1 More than a touch, actually, these days; I've got a contract at the office of a bank here in Canada where we handle mortgages for a particular type of building)

2 All of my services are through the one company. Great discounts that way, but...

3 That is: it's spring, so cold and damp, so my back is extra-sore most of the time (call it a 2-point overall increase on my 10-point pain scale). Depression means I don't sleep as well as I'd like, which means I suffer from both inzombia (being brainless undead because of sleep-dep) and what I like to call insomnialgia, or pain inspired by insomnia, which goes so well with the lower pain tolerance afforded by sleep-dep. Thus: more pain, plus less sleep, plus lower pain tolerance, equals Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most.


It's good to hear from you, dear. Missed you.
Awww, thanks, cutiepie. *hugs* offered.


First, it's good to hear from you, and may your various ailments and whatnot calm the fuck down as best as is possible as quickly as possible.

Second, have I mentioned lately my fangirlish adoration for your awe-inspiring way with words? "Inzombia" <-- <3!