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Blue Stripes

September 2012

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Blue Stripes

Joining the twittersnappers

Well, sorta.

I'm now on Twitter as @TheCaitieCat.


I won't be following anyone, save for feeds relevant to progressivist and feminist causes. I will be specifically aiming to find and follow such feeds that are in French, German, Spanish, and Russian, initially, and eventually in Arabic and Mandarin (but not yet!). I'm also interested in feeds relating to international aspects of feminism and progressivism in English or any of the above languages. Where possible, I'll provide a quick translation of the non-English ones when I re-tweet them.

I won't be following anyone because my phone was state-of-the-art in 1999, and I have the World's Worst Cell Contract for it. And I don't want my e-mail overrun with Yet Another Timesink: my blogroll would take up several feet of bogroll already.

So, if you've links to foreign-language feeds that fit the above, I'm definitely interested. But please don't be upset when I don't follow your personal twitter, as I still much prefer the longer (Livejournal/blogging) form for personal contact. As this post shows, I have a hard time making a sentence in less than 140 characters, let alone an update I'd bother to post.

aqua-coloured-ungulate version*: CC tweets now. Give FR/DE/RU/ES-lang feeds for progressivist/feminist causes, and non-NAm-focused p/f feeds in English or above langs.

* See? I can't even say "tl;dr" without making it longer.


I can recommend @thehandmirror for New Zealand-focused feminist/progressive articles. Most recently, they've done a really good round-up of articles about the Alisdair Thompson debacle.
Thanks! That's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. :)
Just FYI, you can just use twitter on twitter.com, or in a twitter app on your computer. You don't need to use twitter on your phone or have it show up in your email to use it. Tweetdeck is a good app for twitter, it runs in adobe air so works on win, mac&linux.
In fact, for your intended use, Tweetdeck might be be really useful, as you can create columns of different groups, and you can create a column for a given twitter feed or list without actually following that list, which I'd imagine could be helpful when a given twitter account is of temporary interest to you. Plus you can, in the desktop app, filter out tweets that contain various hashtags (#thisisahashtag because it starts with a # and has no spaces) or keywords or @ing certain ppl. I find this feature useful beyond what I am capable of putting into words.
Wow. LOL my old indeed, I think I got about a quarter of that. However, the Internetz being forever, I have a long time in which to contemplate this received text, and come to an understanding of it. :)

Feel free to IM me if you'd like me to attempt explaining whichever bits you're not following. :)