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Blue Stripes

September 2012

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Blue Stripes

A little poesy to brighten your Friday

I composed these, all three, in a rush recently, about four hours before I was due to perform them at a local event (for reasons of scanty Internet anonymity, I'm not linking to it). Yeah, I write better when the deadline's in sight. They're all Shakespearean sonnets, because frankly those are the easiest, involving three quatrains (abab cdcd efef)and a final couplet, the volta coming with the couplet.

They are all dedicated to, and about, my partner; the final one is concerned with...adult themes and vocabulary (i.e., NSFW, in the sense that if someone's reading over your shoulder, I hope you know them well).

Comes morning sun and shines upon our bed
Her absence first apparent in the form
Of sheets pressed by her hips, her breasts, her head
My hand lies on a place no longer warm.
Comes sunset and I’m bussing home again
The wintry day hurls winds as sharp as knives;
A sleety beat on nearest icy pane
The sad slow dance of border-severed lives.
Comes moon’s first glow, I cook for two and save
The extra for another dinner’s time;
A hermit’s life in this my modern cave
My solitary search for perfect rhyme.
But this sadness will not be a lifelong curse-
The details of my cure in second verse.

A day goes by, then others follow, slow;
I wake, I go to work, then home once more
And day by day, my joy will slowly grow
Until I hear her keys unlock the door.
And then she’s here, the warmth of life renewed
Our bed again a warm and happy place;
We talk, we laugh, we play cards in the nude,
Our home once more a safe, restoring space.
My hand upon her belly, softly round
Her hand atop my own, her eyes half-closed
I slip down deftly tracing out her mound
And soon we are from two metamorphosed.
The cycle is complete, too soon she’ll leave –
The verse before this shows how I will grieve.

Warm fingers moving, palm a-stroke on skin
I push my nose among her tumbling hair
My nails draw traces underneath her chin
None but faint lines will show that I’ve been there.
An earthy lovely scent arises down below
I seek it with my nose, my tongue, my lips
Her skin takes on a scarlet blushing glow
Arms underneath her thighs, I grab her hips.
She moans, and gasps, and squeals, and thrusts, and holds
My head against her, forearms hard and strong
I lap, I dart, I lick and love her folds
She screams and writhes and sings a primal song.
I love her for her body and her mind;
And also that she’s much the same inclined.


Nice :o)

Have to admit that I've never got on with the sonnet form myself.