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8 September 1966
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I am the twice_immigrant, in that I have immigrated twice in my life.

Once, this was from the UK to Canada. I was a child.

Another time, this was from living and being thought of as a man to recognising myself and living as a woman. I was an older child.

I am therefore an immigrant across lines both political and gender-based.

I am unabashedly feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic and progressive. My support for women's right to control our own bodies is unequivocal. I will not treat bigoted views as respectworthy, solely because they are clothed in the robes of religious belief.

This journal is intended explicitly to be a column for observations of issues relating to immigrants of either (or both) kind, or immigrants of any other sort I may come across. You may expect to encounter political commentary, satire, deconstruction, feminist analysis, anti-racist screeds, movie and/or book reviews, and occasionally a little good old-fashioned schadenfreude.

The top post within the journal will always be The Rules. These are the conditions under which discussion will be entertained here. In general, they can be summed up quickly as follows: Don't Be An Asshat. If you find this insufficient to provide guidance, please consult The Rules. The Rules may change from time to time; if they do, I will make a post indicating that this has happened, and suggesting that you have another look.

Trolls will be banned, quickly.

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